Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Warning Lights

Cars are great when they work, and not so great when they don’t. With the development of technology over the years, cars are impressively efficient at informing you when things are not quite functioning as they should. Most are signified on the dashboard as warning lights. Newer cars will offer a greater selection of warning… Read More »

How to Keep Your Car in Good Condition

You can’t beat the feeling of driving away from a SEAT dealership in your brand new car. That fresh new car smell is something that many of us crave to get back, and paired with the untouched, pristine interior and shiny exterior, there’s nothing better. To help you get that feeling every time you drive… Read More »

Everything You Need To Know About Car Services

A car service is an essential part of maintaining your vehicle. You need to make sure your car is roadworthy at all times for the safety of you and others. But if you are a new car owner, a service can be a daunting experience. Knowing where to take your car, what the mechanic will… Read More »

Essential Car Checks Before a Long Drive

Picture this. You’ve set off on your commute to work and get halfway through the journey before your engine light starts flashing because your coolant’s running low. Then, seconds later, your oil light comes on, and that’s when you realise you’re also almost out of fuel. Unexpected car problems pop up when you least expect… Read More »

A Complete Guide to Charging Your Electric Car

Electric cars are becoming an increasingly popular choice when it comes to choosing a new vehicle. Between 2019 to 2021, the statistics show that the number of electric vehicles registered had increased by 66%, making this the most significant annual increase in electric car registrations. As popularity continues to grow, it is expected that in… Read More »


We now ship all of our order to EU countries ‘Delivery Duty Paid’ This means there will be no additional fees payable for EU customers when they receive their parcels. Our website will charge the Tax and Duty applicable to your country at the checkout. The price you see at the checkout is the total price you… Read More »

SEATCupra.net Partnership

We are delighted to announce our official partnership with SEATCUPRA.NET. The number 1 SEAT & CUPRA community, visit their website here (https://www.seatcupra.net/) SEATCupra.net was founded in the summer of 2001 as a hobby by a group of like-minded enthusiastic SEAT owners. The aim of which was to provide an in-depth and knowledgeable discussion forum for fellow SEAT… Read More »


At present all our main operations continue as normal. Due to the Coronavirus we may experience some stock delivery delays. This will have an impact on our ability to provide some special order parts. We have adapted our work place to create a safe environment for our dedicated team to work in. We hope all… Read More »


After months of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to officially announce the launch of our brand-new website, designed with a modern look, user-friendly navigation and ready to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Modern Look – We’ve kept our modern look from our Cox Motor Parts website but with different colour branding to… Read More »