Genuine VW Seat Audi Skoda G12 Evo (Replaces G13) Pre-Mixed Coolant 1 Litre 1L

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Part Number: G12E050A2

Genuine VW Seat Audi Skoda G12 Evo (Replaces G13) Pre-Mixed Coolant 1 Litre 1L

SEAT Coolant G12 evo replaces G12 plus AND G13

This bottle replaces the 1.5 Litre Bottle (G013A8JM1)

This fluid is also for:

  • Audi ✔
  • Skoda ✔
  • VW/Volkswagen ✔

Brand new Genuine Audi/SEAT/Skoda/VW Coolant / Antifreeze. This bottle contains 1 Litre 1L of coolant.

Genuine G12evo (new version of G13) coolant additives protect individual engine components, safeguarding the engine’s long service life. It contains substances that form a protective coating against corrosion, helping to prevent foaming and neutralise ‘hard’ water ie water with a high mineral conten
It provides optimum anti-freeze, overheating and corrosion protection. Its special composition raises the water’s boiling point to 135C (275F) while preventing evaporation, and lowers the freezing point to -40C (-40F) while maintaining a constant pH value
It performs best at high temperatures and prevents the engine from being destroyed by heat caused by combustion and friction
It is environmentally friendly, as it contains no nitrates, phosphates and other harmful agents, and is produced from renewable resource
Optimal material composition means the product has been approved in accordance with VW TL 774
An excessive proportion of coolant additive (more than 60 per cent) can result in bursting pipes and the engine boiling, while an insufficient amount (less than 40 per cent) can cause cracks in the cylinder block/head or in the cooling system through expansion of the coolant

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