Wurth Premium Adblue 10 Litres 10L

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Wurth Premium Adblue 10 Litres 10L

Wurth Premium AdBlue 10 Litre 10L is a non-toxic, non-flammable, odourless and biodegradable reducing agent that helps to make cars cleaner and more efficient, meaning lower levels of harmful exhaust emissions such as Nitrogen Oxide (NOx).

Wurth Premium AdBlue works with a treatment system called ‘Selective Catalyst Reduction’ (SCR), which converts nitric oxide into less harmful nitrogen and water. It is made by mixing a compound made from ammonia and CO2 into deionised water.

The AdBlue fluid is not mixed with the fuel in your vehicle but carried in a separate tank and then pumped into the engine where it is injected into the exhaust gases. Working together with the catalyst, Adblue converts 80% of the NOx coming from the vehicles combustions chambers into harmless nitrogen and water.

From September 2015 all new vehicles sold in the EU must meet the Euro 6 (EU 6) emissions standard; therefore new diesel cars feature an AdBlue injection system.

Consumption will depend on driving style, journey type, road conditions and the load placed on your engine, so topping up your AdBlue tank may be required between services.

Fields of application:
· For all diesel engines featuring SCR exhaust gas treatment
· For reducing nitrogen oxides in exhaust gas to comply with the Euro 4/5 (for trucks) and
Euro 6 (for cars) emissions standards

· Complies with ISO specification ISO 22241-1
· 32.5% urea solution
· Available in a variety of containers

Chemical basis 32.5% urea solution

Density 1.09 g/cm³

Colour Transparent

Storage temperature -5°C to +20°C


Mercedes Benz A 000 583 0107

VW/Audi G052910A2 / G  052910A2 / G052910M3 / G052910A4

BMW Group: 83190441139

Mazda: 0000-AD-002


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