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Named after a famous Spanish monument (The Alhambra of Granada), the Seat Alhambra was introduced to the automotive market in 1996, with production coming to an end in 2020. The hugely popular MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) was manufactured at VW’s AutoEuropa factory in Palmela, Portugal, and shares many features with both the VW Sharan and Ford Galaxy.

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We have products suitable for all models of SEAT Alhambra, from 1996 versions to 2020 models. So whatever kind of vehicle you own, we should have parts and accessories suitable for your needs. Whether you need engine parts, oils and fluids, cleaning products or electrical components for your SEAT Alhambra, we should have something for you.

At SEAT Motor Parts, we understand the importance of ensuring that any accessories or parts bought for your SEAT vehicle are genuine and will not let you down. You can be assured of the quality and authenticity of SEAT Alhambra parts from us, designed to fit your exact model. Enhance your SEAT Alhambra’s appearance or make necessary repairs and adjustments with our car parts and accessories.

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Order your SEAT Alhambra car parts and accessories from SEAT Motor Parts today. We have spares and parts for specific vehicle models, so you can choose your exact SEAT car, including the Alhambra, and select the build year so you can get the right accessories and parts for the exact make and model you own. We will deliver your parts right to your door to provide you with everything you need to get your SEAT Alhambra in perfect working order and looking brand new.